Our Fragrances

We love being able to offer you such a wide range of fragrances to suit all of your tastes, ranging from subtle to strong and floral, sweet or musky.  Of course, we pride ourselves on our home fragrance range being vegan, cruelty-free, ethically sourced and still of high quality. We want you to be able to enjoy your chosen scents for as long as possible, so ensure we make our products with the maximum load of fragrance.



Your favourite and our best-selling scents are here to stay and they're not going anywhere. They have become our Signature Scents which will be available all year round and available in our complete home fragrance collection: melts, candles and diffusers. 

We also have an essential oil range and seasonal options too. 

 : make a wish with every melt square! 
bergamot - lemon leaf - eucalyptus - geranium - cedar - frankincense 

ANGEL ENERGY : need we say more? 
peony - red apple - rose -  jasmine - musks - dry amber.

CLEANSE : detox your space and mind with our clary sage blend.
clary sage - grapefruit - bergamot - tangerine - cedar wood - sea salt

or good vibes only.
orchid - ylang ylang - bergamot - truffle - sandalwood

HIGHER LOVE : rich, warm and full of love. 
damask rose - smoky oud wood - praline - agar wood. 

escape to the spa and find your inner peace.
mandarin - sandalwood - amber - caramel - bergamot

PEACE ERA : we're in our peace era and we're lovin' it
lily - jasmine - white neroli - iris - musk - amber - creamy vanilla.

SLEEPY HEAD : feel the tension melt away.
lavender - chamomile - vanilla - musks

SUNBORN : a sanctuaryeleven favourite, fresh and floral.
melon - bluebell - jasmine - freesia - lily - orange blossom - gardenia - musks