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Our Mission

The Molar Bear’s mission is to make teething more bear-able. We do this through offering amazing products and quality content.

We appreciate that this can be a tough time for the mums and dads too. No parent likes to see their baby in discomfort. We know that there’s nothing worse.

Designed with curves and edges, smooth and bumpy surfaces, our goal is to bring the smile back to your little one’s face, which is the best sight for all parents.

Our Story

The Molar Bear started as a family business and was founded by a new daddy wanting to create a product to support his baby daughter through her teething journey.

For us, teething started from around 3 months, as it often does. We had bought a range of teething products & toys but we found that none quite fit the bill in terms of size, texture, or weight. Additionally, we were unable to find a product which our daughter was able to hold on to consistently, without my wife or I assisting so daddy decided to create one himself, and here we are!

We Care About Safety

Anyone who is a parent will know exactly what we’re talking about when we say that the moment you see your newborn baby for the first time, life changes dramatically. I’m sure we can all agree that the love that we have for our precious bundle of joy is like nothing that we have ever experienced before. It is total. We want nothing but the absolute best for our babies. We are taking that same love and care and putting it into the soul of our business. That is why we take safety so seriously when it comes to our products and that is why we have made sure that they have been fully tested by accredited bodies to ensure that they are completely safe for our babies to use.

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Meet Alex

Hi there! In 2020 I became a dad for the first time and it’s been the best thing to ever happen to me. Not only did my beautiful daughter, Romy enter and brighten up our days (& nights!) in every way imaginable, this experience also gave birth to my business, The Molar Bear.

Our little girl began teething from an early age. As any parent would agree, it isn’t pleasant seeing your baby in discomfort and pain. Every moment with your baby is a gift, particularly those first few months when you’re getting to know each other and I didn’t want teething to spoil that. This is why I was inspired to create The Molar Bear - a friendly figure that my little girl could reach for when she was feeling unsettled.

It is my biggest hope that our products can serve both children and parents so that they can continue to enjoy building a special bond together without being interrupted.

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