How To : Level Up

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Podcast lover or not, I would highly recommend listening to Joe Rogan’s Podcast, featuring Kevin Hart (Part 2). It honestly changed my mindset and I still check back in and give it a re-listen when I am in need of a little motivation. Amongst other bits, Kevin talks about the way he views his life and how he sees each goal and achievement as a ‘level’. It is the drive to get the next level which keeps him excelling and achieving more… I won’t ruin it, but do go and give it a listen next time you’re making dinner, having a bath or going through some paperwork.

Anyway, here’s some tips on small changes which we all know, although may not do, to help us level up…

  1. Drink your water!

  2. Nourish your body with healthy foods - eat the colours of the rainbow

  3. Speak positively when speaking about yourself

  4. Take a digital detox, no socials!

  5. Get enough sleep

  6. Make time for the things you enjoy, including self care

  7. Move your body every day, even if that means dancing round the kitchen whilst your pasta boils

  8. Read more, educate yourself

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