10 Sustainable Switches

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  1. Invest in bamboo or cotton reusable face rounds for your skincare routine, instead of using single-use ones.

  2. Take a reusable cup to your favourite takeaway coffee shop for that iced-latte (they usually knock some moneys off too!)

  3. Turn packaging products eg packing peanuts or shredded paper into sensory play for toddlers.

  4. Make sure to pop your packing peanuts in water once you have finished with them, they should dissolve if they are eco-friendly!

  5. Unsubscribe from junk mail, subscriptions and newsletters you are no longer interested in - both real life and online articles have a carbon footprint.

  6. Bring new life into your old clothes by getting creative - if you’re over them completely, pop them on an app such as ‘Vinted’ and let someone else love them.

  7. Try to cut down on your kitchen paper usage - invest in reusable paper towels or just use your kitchen cloths!

  8. When it’s available, opt for loose produce at your supermarket. If you like everything bagged up and organised, invest in some reusable produce bags - they even sell them right buy the fruit and veg nowadays!

  9. Use your left over coffee grounds! They have so many uses such as a natural face and body exfoliator, they even make a great plant fertiliser.

  10. Clear up your kitchen window sill and create a mini-herb garden. Fill it up with pots of your fave herbs (and spices) to save you re-buying them every few days!

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