How To : Manifest

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  1. VISUALISE : when we hear ‘manifestation’, we often think of this one first.. it is an important step to be fair! Envision your reality, think up the future that you desire and visualise yourself in that scenario.

  2. SHOW UP : this one makes so much sense and gives you a boost of motivation without you knowing. Talk, walk and act like the person you want to become, your dreams soon become a reality.

  3. MINDSET : think positive. It can be disheartening at times when you may be seeing no-to-little change. However, this is often because you are focusing on the bigger picture and not the smaller changes which add up and make the difference overall. Push those negative thoughts aside and make way for the positive ones, you’ll soon start to see the pieces of the puzzle come together.

  4. MANTRA : repeat positive affirmations to yourself daily, speak your dreams into existence.

  5. MEDITATE : connect deeper with yourself. Meditation comes hand in hand with point 1 and 4 also.

  6. WORK HARD : putting the work in will help you truly appreciate when your dreams become reality, gratitude is just as important.

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